Sept. 30, 2021

S1-E7 - Luzon or Formosa? - Taiwan Dodges WWII Invasion

S1-E7 - Luzon or Formosa? - Taiwan Dodges WWII Invasion

World War II in the Pacific is coming to a close... American military top brass meets with the President to pick the island from which to launch the final attack on Japan. Taiwan -- in particular, southern Taiwan -- is a strong candidate. Hear some interesting war stories and...oh, the tale of the "Holy Bamboo" of Pingtung.

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Cover image: The U.S. battleships Pennsylvania and Colorado lead three heavy cruisers into the Lingayen Gulf for the pre-assault bombardment of Japanese shore positions as American forces begin retaking the Philippine island of Luzon in 1945. 

(Image via Wikimedia Commons)