Oct. 8, 2021

S1-E8 - POWs, Bombing Raids, and Kamikazes

S1-E8 - POWs, Bombing Raids, and Kamikazes

Initially relatively spared, as WWII in the Pacific reaches a climax, Taiwan is hit hard by advancing Allied forces. POWs in camps across the island await liberation and in modern-day Tainan, a Japanese commander assembles the first kamikaze unit on Formosa.

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Cover image: Lt. Yoshinori Yamaguchi's Yokosuka D4Y3 (Type 33 Suisei) begins a suicide dive against the USS Essex on November 25th, 1944. The attack left 15 killed and 44 wounded. (Public Domain Photo) 


Below: A plaque sits near the gate of the unkept and mostly forgotten single POW camp in south Taiwan... near Neipu Township in Pingtung County (Photo by Eryk Michael Smith) 

Link to "Never Forgotten" - Taiwan POW Society website