Sept. 1, 2022

S2-E24 - Cats Big and Small

S2-E24 - Cats Big and Small

Virtually everyone on this island knows the famous feline folktale: "The Tiger Aunt." In this episode, we tell that tale -- relying for source material on Taiwanese folktale translator and collector Fred Lobb's wonderful book -- as well as a few other stories related to cats, large or small, real or imaginary. And don't worry dog lovers, your preferred animal will get its day soon when we delve into native Taiwanese dogs and their fascinating history. But for now, sit back and enjoy some wild and weird stories about cats...big and small.

Cover image via Storytelling for Everyone

Fred Lobb posts his translations of Chinese folktales at

We drew on his translations of “Grand Aunt Tiger” and “The White-Nosed Cat” from his book: Taiwan Folktales: Proverbs, Folk Sayings, and Folktales from Taiwan.

John mentioned a memoir of tiger hunting and growing up in Fujian, China.

China Coast Family (1953) by John C. Caldwell

Below: Eryk's tail-less cat, Panda (2022).

Below: A much more terrifying (or campy) image from a horror movie poster telling the "Tiger Aunt" story (date of release unknown). Pic via