Nov. 11, 2021

S1-E13 - The Orangutan Craze

S1-E13 - The Orangutan Craze

As one of the four "Asian Tigers," Taiwan's economy roared in the 1980s, but free-flowing money came with downsides such as the exploitation of wild animals, including tigers.

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Cover Image: Same as below 


Below: A photo believed to show a Taiwanese person riding a scooter with a (presumed) pet orangutan.

A television show from the 1980s had featured a family that had one of these great apes as a pet. The TV show, sadly, kicked off a craze in Taiwan for keeping these amazing animals. Orangutans are very cute babies -- but they grow fast and these "pets" soon became too much to handle for many. Some were then "freed" to wander the foothills of Taiwan. 

(Photo origin unknown) 

Below: An orangutan in its natural habitat-- where they should stay! (Via Wikimedia Commons)