Feb. 16, 2023

S3-E1 - Storm Stories: Tales of Typhoons in Taiwan

S3-E1 - Storm Stories: Tales of Typhoons in Taiwan

With their fearsome winds and dramatic downpours, typhoons have long been a part of Taiwan's history. Join Formosa Files for a look at a few notable typhoons that have hit Taiwan in more recent times, as well as some interesting asides, such as: When did typhoons get names? Why did they once only use female names? And, do typhoons do anything good for Taiwan?

Cover images - Left: Typhoon Morakot completely covers Taiwan on August 7, 2009, and right: a couple in southern Taiwan survey the massive damage caused by Morakot.(Via NBC news)

WATCH: "Typhoon Gloria Hits Taiwan" Newsreel (1963)

Below: The 1963 Pacific typhoon season Via Wikimedia Commons 

READ: An account of the 1977 typhoon strikes by "Thelma" and "Vera" written by Jehovah's Witness missionaries in Taiwan.  

Below: Buddhist volunteers from the famous Taiwanese charity Tzu Chi help with relief efforts following Typhoon Thelma in 1977.