Feb. 9, 2023

Rage Against the Machine – Formosa Files VS. ChatGPT

Rage Against the Machine – Formosa Files VS. ChatGPT

In this fun Season Two finale, John Ross and Eryk Michael Smith battle with the AI phenomenon ChatGPT. Who knows more about Taiwanese history, John or the scarily omnipotent AI chatbot which may soon render humans obsolete? Does Eryk know more about Kaohsiung’s Nanzih District than the smartest machine-learning programs on earth? It’s time to pick a side – a couple of nerdy amateur historians or the finest in 21st-century computing power? It’s Man vs. Machine! This somewhat silly and hopefully entertaining super bonus episode is our sign-off to Formosa Files’ Season Two. See you next week for S3-E1!

Cover images: A ChatGPT logo, and right: the Formosa Files Podcast logo (by Michael Cannings). 

Below: The Microsoft AI program that's shaking the world. To try it, visit chat.openai.com

Google is hoping to compete against Microsoft's ChatGPT with it's AI offering, Bard. But things are off to a bad start for Google

Mentioned in this episode: The Kaohsiung Golf & Country Club

Learn more about Chiayi, which, while a great place to visit, has never been called "The Paris of the East." 

The background music used in this episode is via Pixabay royalty-free music. The songs and artists are as follows, in order of appearance:

1. A Small Miracle by Romarecord1973

2. A Life on the Ocean Wave by Nesrality.

3. Love Romantic Music Instrumental by Musicalmix2020.