July 20, 2022

Bonus Episode: "Taiwan in 100 Books" - A Martial Arts Hoax

Bonus Episode: "Taiwan in 100 Books" - A Martial Arts Hoax

In this special episode, we talk about where the inspiration for the Formosa Files podcast came from, and share an excerpt from the podcast's origin source: John Ross' 2020 book "Taiwan in 100 Books." After our quick chat, enjoy a segment from chapter one of the audiobook of "Taiwan in 100 Books" read by Eryk

Cover image: The book jackets of two editions of "Secret Fighting Arts of the World," which -- in the cover on the right -- the Boston Globe hails as "The world's most secretly guarded fighting techniques."

--Um...hopefully that newspaper's fact-checking department has improved since then.  

Below: The cover of John Ross' "Taiwan in 100 Books" (2020) -- this book spawned the Formosa Files podcast

Book available HERE and HERE -- audiobook available HERE 

Below: Another martial arts book by John F. Gilby -- this book is mostly factual :)