Sept. 25, 2021

S1-E5 - Rioters Ransack the Taipei U.S. Embassy (1957)

S1-E5 - Rioters Ransack the Taipei U.S. Embassy (1957)

A U.S. officer shoots dead a 'Peeping Tom' allegedly spying on the officer's wife as she took a shower. The subsequent trial and verdict lead to the incredible -- yet little-known -- story of riots that ransacked the US embassy in downtown Taipei... in 1957! --When the ROC and the USA were supposed to be best buddies.

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Cover image: Rioters ransack the U.S. Embassy in Taipei in 1957 (pic via THINK CHINA) 

Below: The U.S. carrier USS Lexington (top) with a supply ship and USS Marshall (bottom) off Taiwan during the Second Taiwan Crisis in 1958. 

(Image via Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain)