July 7, 2022

S2-E19 - Golf in Taiwan: A Surprisingly Long History

S2-E19 - Golf in Taiwan: A Surprisingly Long History

Some might think golf came with U.S. troops after WWII, but the origins of this sport in Taiwan actually go much further back. Listen to this episode for stories of Japanese colonial officials discovering golf as the "new cool thing for elites" -- and ordering a course built in just a few hours! Plus, the story of Lu Liang-huan (呂良煥), a man from a poor family who worked his way up from being a caddy to an impressive 2nd place win at the 1971 British Open.

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Cover image of "Mr. Lu" - Lu Liang-huan (呂良煥) via UDN

Below: Taiwan golfer Lu Liang-huan with his signature pork pie hat. Lu spent years acting as a mentor to young Taiwanese golfers until his passing in March 2022. 

Below: Taiwan's first golf course in what's now Danshui, New Taipei City, circa 1930. 

Check HERE for more pics and English info on this golf course.